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We fully appreciate how stressful it can be as an exhibitor. So want to work with you to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.


Key points :

- Arrive in enough time to get set up in a relaxed manner and if necessary move/park your car.


- Let us know the expected time of your arrival so we can plan for you.


- If you require electric supply you MUST inform us prior to the event. But your equipment needs to be PAT tested, without exception. It is your responsibility to have this done as if the venue check and ask your equipment to be turned off as its not PAT tested, we cannot intervene and no refund would be given. If you need PAT Testing on cabled appliances, just let us know and we can recommend testers. Remember,  you will need extension leads from the nearest socket to your stand, we do not supply those .


- During the show please try to have your stand manned at all times, but if you are on your own we know that's impossible. So let us know if you need a break and we will see if we can cover the stand for a short while for you, as even giving out leaflets or capturing data is better than people walking past an unmanned stand, is it not?


- Insurance: It is YOUR responsibility to have the relevant insurance for exhibiting any claims will be directed at you, NOT Count Me In Events. Likewise any damage caused to venues by an exhibitor will be directed to the exhibitor, not ourselves.


- Packing up: We know that once someone starts to pack up others follow. While we request everyone stays until the finish time we are practical enough to know that does not happen. However we do request you leave leaflets on your table so visitors can know about you and do not leave within 30 minutes of the advertised end of the exhibition. We would prefer you stay until the end of course .


- Rubbish: Please place any rubbish you are leaving in a tied bag so it can be dispersed with.


- Leaflets: We will add your info, giveaways etc. into our goodie bags FREE of charge as long as you supply them to us at least 48 hours before the event .


FEEDBACK: Having exhibited at lots of fayres we know there are things we did not like at some of them, or changes the organisers could implement to make it better for the next time. So we are asking you to let us know what you thought about the events. Constructive critism is always welcome, we might not be able to implement everyone's ideas but rather than just walk away at the end of the event and move on to the next one, drop us an email with your views :)

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